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Oct 31, 2017

"I don't have stage fright, I have life fright!" - A common saying amongst many performers. Accomplished comedian, Joe List joins Justin and Tracey for a laugh filled heart to heart on facing fears, OCD & sexy time w/ the misses. 

Oct 23, 2017

No jokes aside. Justin and Tracey don't hold the funny while opening up about the death of their fathers, therapy and of course their regular sexual perversions in this heart felt episode. 

Oct 11, 2017

We're all here cuz' we're not all there!  Tracey comes in hot and heavy with a cascade of real life problems. Saint Justin saves the day, talking her off the ledge in this open and honest banter.  

Oct 6, 2017

Justin and Tracey go deep with comedy great- Jessica Kirson about OCD, self hating jews, weight issues and their favorite dirty talk.